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The Delaware River is a Zombie - Selections from Ryan Eckes’ Old News

As I said I would in my previous post about Steve Dolph’s work, I am posting selections from Ryan Eckes’ series Old News, which is one of the influences that Dolph cites in his brief statement of process regarding his poem “armed commando pursues and kills man on street.” Like Dolph, Eckes’ poems work with [...]

Over Here Steve Dolph Wrestles Armed Commandos

A couple Sundays ago at L’Etage in the Bella Vista section of Philly, Frank Sherlock had a book party for the release of his first full-length collection, Over Here, published by Factory School, which is one of the true standout presses today. Caroline said, after the reading had finished, that “Frank was like a rock [...]

A Crush of Consonants and Open Vowels

The crush of consonants
in Tom Daschle & the open
vowels of John Yau have
got me thinking of Mary Ann
Caws who says “Poetry can be
any damn thing it wants”
The treaty of 1868
We are not alone in a room
Being alone is anarchy
I’m certain the mice are
in the ceiling
A bomb instead of a drawing
It snowed last night
The sun today [...]