Monthly Archives: November 2009


JR has just released its first two chapbooks. The first of which is Some People by Chris Diken. Some People, a work of fiction, takes place mostly in the men’s room of an art museum. It is a sort of handbook designed for those interested in understanding what it takes to go from onlooker to looked-upon. The [...]

Keith Waldrop is a Winner!

Keith Waldrop, an old teacher of mine, has just won the National Book Award. Keith mentioned to me when he was at the Kelly Writers House for a reading earlier this month that it was nice to be nominated, but he wasn’t sure what would come of it, if he won. Hopefully what comes of [...]

is spread out evening when: on sarah dowling’s line

Friday night over dinner Carolina and I were discussing Sarah Dowling’s new book, Security Posture, which was recently published by Snare Books in Montreal. Sarah’s book is the winner of the 2009 Robert Kroetsch Award for Innovative Poetry, an award for emerging Canadian writers. Originally from Regina, Saskatchewan, Sarah now lives in Philadelphia.
Earlier this year, Chris [...]