Monthly Archives: February 2010

with hidden noise reviews “Some People” and “Flight Patterns”

Scott Bryan Wilson, the editor of JR, which is the press that published my chapbook Flight Patterns, recently pointed out this review of JR’s first two books on with hidden noise, a blog. Thanks to the author of this review. Both Chris Diken and I truly appreciate the attention you gave our books.

Ryan Eckes Reviews Song & Glass

Ryan Eckes wrote a generous review of Song & Glass, my new book, over at the PhillySound Blog. Thanks, Ryan!
About this time last year, I posted some of Ryan’s Old News. Check those poems out here.
Together, Ryan & I run the Chapter & Verse Reading Series at Chapterhouse Cafe.

Song & Glass Released

Back in September, I received a phone call from Elisabeth Sheffield, fiction writer and managing editor of Subito Press, that my book, The Rhino of Our Dreams, as it was originally titled, was selected for publication. The call came at the end of a long day of teaching, so as I walked to the train [...]